Disney Toons Free Screensaver

Disney Toons Free Screensaver

Disney Toons Free Screensaver displays images with multiple Disney characters

Disney Toons Free Screensaver is a lovely screensaver that displays images with famous Disney characters. The images include Winnie the Pooh and his friends, Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Pluto, Donald, the Beauty and the Beast, among many others. Most of the scenes show a winter landscape with snow everywhere and many Christmas decorations like trees, Santa Claus, presents, etc. The images are very colorful and attractive, and are of great quality.

The screensaver also displays a digital clock in one of its corners, but you cannot customize its position. The clock can show the time in 24h and 12h format, according to your preferences. The transition between one image to the other is done by means of different effects that are random and cannot be customized either. What you can customize is the transition time between the images and how long you wish to keep them on screen. You can also choose the screen brightness and other video mode settings. Unfortunately, there are no sounds nor music, which would definitely make the screensaver even more attractive.

In short, despite its minor flaws, Disney Toons Free Screensaver is a beautiful screensaver for kids which is perfect for the Christmas time and I'm sure kids are going to love it.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice theme
  • Lots of images and characters
  • Includes a clock
  • Good transition effects
  • Pretty customizable


  • No sounds not music
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